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Above .500 Inc.
Headquarters Miami, Florida
Region served
United States
Brawley Sanchez
Slogan Character Over Talent

The Above .500 Foundation, founded in Miami, Florida, USA, is a non-profit organization that uses sports to encourage young people of all ages.[1] The foundation exhibits "Dream Rallies" at schools that include celebrity appearances, games, motivational speakers, music performances and giveaways. Dream Rallies aim to reinforce the foundation's message of hard work, dedication, and success. In addition to the rallies, the organization provides mentoring, marketing and brand expertise (through charitable events) to the athletes that join.[2]


Above .500 is a term that was adopted from a team's winning percentage; it's the number of games that are won, divided by how many games were played.[clarification needed] The name was adopted after the 2007 New York Giants won the super bowl, one game above .500.[clarification needed],[3] demonstrating that losses can be overcome to become a champion. The organization was founded by Brawley,[4] in 2012. Members of the Board of Directors include retired CEO of Make-A-Wish foundation, Diane Valek, professional baseball players, Christopher Duffy (baseball), and Ronnie Richardson.[5]

Community Events[edit]

Above .500 provides after-school sports related activities that can vary from football camps to FCAT Dream Rallies to sponsoring youth groups and schools to baseball games.[6] A few of the notable events include Chris Duffy's Celebrity Softball Game at UCF[7][8][9][10][11] and the Miami Dolphins Jimmy Wilsons' Charity Softball Game at FIU.[12][13][14][15][16][17]

Mentoring and Fundraising[edit]

Above .500 mentors and manages charity work for several professional athletes that include Jimmy Wilson (American football), Don Jones (American football), Marcell Ozuna, Domonic Brown, Chris Duffy and more.[18] The foundation organizes highly publicized charitable events for the athletes. The fundraising events "fuel" the Dream Rallies that are free for public schools.


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