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"Please do not create an article to promote yourself..."

On a *user* page? :-)

I'm Jay Ashworth, and I'm a weblogger. I've been writing there since 2000, and on Usenet since 1984 -- back when I could actually read the whole feed. :-{

I'm an opinionated bastard, but it usually works for me. I'm also a know-it-all, so Wikipedia works well for me.

Hopefully, my contributions will be considered comprehensible, rather than compost.

Among my pet pages is 2004_U.S._presidential_election_controversy_and_irregularities; I have presented a modest proposal.

I've also got a little rant on /Zero tolerance policies.

And I've preserved, because it's just a wonderful little piece of research, though not encyclopedic, someone's soliloquy on /WGBH_TVs Signoffs.

re Heinlein pic[edit]

My pleasure, cobber.... Hayford Peirce 14:39, 7 January 2006 (UTC)