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Infinito 2017
Birth name Marcellous Lovelace
Also known as Infinito (as a member of rap group Unorthodox Poets Society), MCML, Vortx of Distorsun, The Last Real African in America, Acapella Solo, Ka Sekhem, Nkruma Ochieng
Origin Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, fine artist, filmmaker, activist, record producer, author
Years active 1989–present
Labels Joe Left Hand Records Nephew of Frank
Associated acts Unorthodox Poets Society, IT, Low Noise Mechanism Thaione Davis, Dj Hen Boogie, Fatnice, Dion Brown

Marcellous Lovelace (born October 26, 1975), better known by his stage name, Infinito 2017, is an American rapper, author, and political fine artist. He is a prolific artist of multiple fields, bringing self awareness with an ongoing sense of conscious in his lyrics. Infinito 2017 is a musician who is inspired by the likes of KRS - 1 and Tribe called Quest. Unorthodox Poets Society.

Early life[edit]

Marcellous was born in Chicago, Illinois, a military child on Chicago's South Side. Raised by his Mother, Father and Grandmother with a host of Uncles and Aunts he never lacked the proper development and positive upbringing. Raised mostly in Chicago, Il Infinito 2017 traveled constantly as a child due to having two parents in the military. He graduated from the University of Memphis in Memphis and got his Bachelors Degree in Art and Communications and studied Masters of Fine Arts [1]


It was around 1989 when Infinito 2017 who was then known as MCML at the time connected with his younger cousin Dariel to form LDP short for Lamont and Dariels Posse. Wanting to rap due to the fact his older cousin Derrick who was known at the time as Big Time and was a local favorite in the community of Harvey, Illinois where the family lived at the time. From this point on he sought out to make music his career when he was only 12 years of age going on 13. As time went on he got together with his cousin Dariel, better known as Dariel D and the two spent hours in their basements recording crude beats and rhymes on their boomboxes. Later in 1991 Marcellous his younger brother and his mother moved to Fort Knox, Kentucky where Lovelace found comfort in being hip hop and rapping recording over 200 audio cassettes of freestyles on a broke karaoke machine and boom box recorders. The music became an escape from living in such a meager lifestyle in a trailer park due to life’s hardships. Hip-hop was something that held him up after Dariel's unfortunate passing away in the year of 1994 due to reason he refuses to disclose to the public. After the death of his cousin and only rhyme partner Marcellous moved to Memphis, Tennessee and bought his first professional equipment and began recording. He enrolled in the Memphis College of Art, where he studied painting and running into racism in the not so diverse old southern art teaching methods, where its said that one professor even took it upon him self to tell Lovelace that “Black art is not art’. He took this as some type of disrespect and began painting up to 360 painting on a yearly basis to one day be able to paint one piece of Black Art for every one on earth and to spite the poor instruction that was being fashioned at that school. Lovelace also began hitting up the open mic scene in Memphis early underground scene on a regular basis being pressured into many battles due to his complex word play and spotless delivery that infused local rivals building his stripes as a prized battle rapper. After one of these nights he met Mr. Skurge an up and coming Dj, Producer, Rapper and painter himself, the two connected instantly and quickly started to work together building a rich catalog of music that help to build the prolific moniker for 2017. Infinito and Mr. Skurge began calling themselves the Unorthodox Poets Society derived from a rejected open mic Skurge was attempting to build up at the University of Memphis (and it was Skurge who then gave Lovelace the name Infinito because of endless timeless flow).

By 1998, the MC had moved back to Chicago, reconnecting with the underground hip hop scene in the city and making music on his own without Mr Skurge 2017 which he visualized while living in Atlanta, Georgia in 1999 with his younger brother where he frequented the Fat Beats store and gained inspiration talking with Cognito of the group Mass Influence and seeing that he could soon have records in a store, having his material on consignment in the area stores like Earwax and Camalot at that time in which temporarily began working before back to Chicago in 2000 where he linked up with multiple crews such as the Molemen and theNacrobats doing music with them as well working on albums to numerous to count numbers that total around as releasing his own material and adding on. He lived in Chicago until 2005 when he moved to San Francisco on a full scholarship to San Francisco Art Institute where he fail in love with the beautiful landscape but couldn’t stand the less than ideal living quarters the school offered, which created conflict and caused him to leave behind a prosperous fine art opportunity. After returning from California in 2006 Infinito returned to Chicago to put the finishing touches on his 2008 release Most High Definition on his on independent label Nephew of Frank Records which he has sigle handedly created publishing, licensing and distribution deals all over world.


Career Highlights[edit]

2002's Music with Sound Right Reasoning Birthwrite Records, produced by memo of the molemen and self released 2002 Qualified Professional #27 on Fat beats, 2004's Low Income Housing Domination, 2005's Roddny Dangrr Fild Domination, 2006's The Soul of Benjamin Banneker in the Age of the Aquarius Raptivisim,




Guest Appearances[edit]

  • 1998 Moodswing 9 - Mixes Anticon
  • 1998 Sole - Music without a face Anticon
  • 1998 Djwhat mixtapes
  • 2000 Nacrobats
  • 2000 Mr.Skurge - 2000 pain.s
  • 2000 Bgyrl 4 life - St.louis hip
  • 2001 Cosmo Galacticus - Techno Fabulous
  • 2001 Nacrobats - Network of Stars
  • 2001 Centric i.e. - In other Werds
  • 2001 Molemen City - Limits vol.1
  • 2001 Dj 3rd Rail - Subway hip-hop vol. 35
  • 2001 Record Playas - The Midway Sessions
  • 2002 Dj Pns Molemen - Chicago Rocks
  • 2003 Record Playas - Sound Tracks for Days
  • 2003 Nacrobats - Always
  • 2003 Dj Ternaround - Wluw mix tape (Save the Kids)
  • 2003 Vector Sigma - Presents the Key Vol. 1
  • 2004 Culturama (DVD) 5 Female Fun
  • 2004 The Hip Hop Project - Chicago & Beyond
  • 2005 DJ Fisher & DJ Jon Doe - The Domination Mix Vol. 1 (Family And Friends)
  • 2005 Thaione Davis - Civil Rights Movement #1 12 INCH
  • 2005 Wastelands Present Wastelands Presents - Guests of Honor
  • 2005 D.J. W.A.H.T. - STINK (Various Artist) ((not released))
  • 2005 Custom Made - Pillow Talk
  • 2005 Mr. Skurge - Skyline Domination Recordings
  • 2005 The White Shadow of Norway - Renegades
  • 2006 Pugs Atoms prestents - CTA Radio Raptivism Records Enohes Music
  • 2006 Molemen Inc. Presents: Chicago City Limits Vol. 2 Molemen Records
  • 2006 Pugs Atomz- Man of the People EP
  • 2007 9th Scientist - Illatron Magnetic
  • 2007 SIAFU - Morning of the Conquest
  • 2007 DJ Eclipse - Tribute to Jay Dee J dilla
  • 2008 Infinito 2017 and Solomam Cain Cd
  • 2009 Unagi - Reinventing the EEL
  • 2009 Thaione Davis - Still Hear
  • 2009 The White Shadow of Norway - Victory
  • 2009 Dj Toolz - Underground 0-Nine 3.0
  • 2010 The Geaux - Excursions (mixtape) {uscr}
  • 2010 Breez Evaflowin - As He Goes On
  • 2010 The Geaux - Quarter Mile
  • 2010 Dj Kingston - Main Ingredient Radio Show (4/29)
  • 2010 Mark Deez - Game Over (single)
  • 2010 Bob42jh Presents - Road To Knowhere (compilation)
  • 2010 Day by Day Entertainment Presents - Never Mind the Technical Difficulties Day by Day Entertainment
  • 2010 Black Sparx - Summer Haze
  • 2010 Various Artists - Rap 4 Da Fame (sampler / vol. 3)
  • 2010 Dj Kinetik - The Destroyers of Planets
  • 2011 Big Ape & LIFE Long - Crossing the Globe

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Infinito 2017, Rapper

Infinito 2017, Rapper

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