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My name is Evangeline Han. I've been an active Wikipedia editor since 2 June 2009. Feel free to leave a message on my talk page or email me.


Doppelgänger accounts
If any edits are made by these accounts on any page, the respective accounts should be immediately blocked.

My roommate, User:HoneyBeezs is also a Wikipedia editor. Both of us edit from the same computers. At this point, User:HoneyBeezs is inactive and the only edits she made was on her user page and on my talk page. Should she return to active editing, we would most likely have a discussion here to draw a line between her edits and mine.

Once in a while, I might be away from Wikipedia for undetermined lengths of time. Please take note that I have a RL and my life does not center around Wikipedia only. If I'm going away, I will try my best to notify the projects and those I'm liaising with at that moment. If I promise to help you, I will help you. I welcome any questions that you might have about editing or Wikipedia, in general. I'm also on IRC. My cloak is Bejinhan@wikipedia/Bejinhan. Feel free to ping me with your questions.

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