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A broad-headed skink, watching you.
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Ben Lunsford is a Wikipedian from Virginia.

I enjoy learning with Wikipedia quite a bit. If ever there is something that I am unsure of, the first thing I do is come here for a basic summary and to get pointed in the direction of some good references. I'm not sure that I trust Wikipedia with critical or highly specialized information, but it serves its purpose well. In fact, I'd say it's my favorite address on the Internet. Learning is fun!

Sometimes I'll put a few of my favorite images on this page, such as the broad-headed skink to the left. If it interests you, there are a few more at my Commons gallery. I'll try to add more in the future. The camera I use is an Olympus E-410, and it's my first single lens reflex camera of any kind. I highly recommend the Four Thirds System to anyone who isn't already heavily invested into non-digital Canon or Nikon lenses.