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Heiner Benking[1]] (born December 8, 1951) is a map and model maker, technician and engineer, planner, facilitator, and futurist, who has been studying geophysics, ecology and philosophy in the early 70's. His professional background began in the mid 70's with engineering, later town state-planning, consulting, technology marketing with a focus on computer graphics. Since the early 80's he has focused on technology and marketing research, later environmental research and management for national and international organizations. This led him after 1990 towards activities like: education, cognition, future studies, media, technology and policy studies, terminology research, systems, model, and sign theory, intercultural and youth projects, and last but not least, participation and dialogue, social system design and "re-inventing democracy". [2]

Heiner was called a in-betweener and go-getter, diagonal or lateral thinker (Quergeist), familiar with many territories. One of his involvements lies in nurturing projects that are making multicomplex issues more comprehensible, tangible and visible in context and cohesion, and bridging the gap beween theory or abstraction and pragmatics, ethics and capacity building, by making use of shared models and how we can jointly increase our understanding and agreements of the "not-given" to counteract in the age of our post-modern world of Cyberculture's the destabilizing and disorienting, nihilistic trends, with the help of a model theory based systematic neo-pragmatis (see its founder Herbert Stachowiak [3] as a solid foundation of the "design" of Benking's "Cognitive Panorama [4], Rubik's Cube" [5]). He is member of the Academic Advisory Board of the International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics * [6], here some personal entries * [7] soon in the new WIKI-MEDIA [8] the Tagore-Einstein-Council [9], positive-networks and future raft project [10], IHTEC, [11] and the World Future School and Positive Views Newsletter [12]

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Heiner Benking[edit]

  • 08.12.1951, Independent Journalist and Consultant, Facilitator and In-betweener / Curator and Futuríst.

Benking works on language-, culture-, sector-, media-, scale-, and domain-, sector-, caucus- overarching solutions and projects with focus on Educations, Cultures, Policy-Making and governance incl. Multi-Track Diplomacy, Futures Research and Peacemaking. He is/was "Normal Member" of infoterm <>, Wien, was invited to become a Member of the Royal Society, has founded Open-Forum <>, Berlin, BIC <>, Berlin, und consulted or was associate with international and national bodies, GO`s und NGO`s; foundations, clubs, consultancy groups in the field of organisation, planning, marketing, marketing research, management and recruitment/headhunting groups nationally and internationally. After engineering and construction, tunnels, bridges, hospitals, infrastructure, he was employed as expert and consultant in UNDP - state multilateral state-planning projects. Worked in UN-G7 Harmonisation Projects under the umbrella of UNEP, and ExperConsult and Project Consult, and many milestones - see below - he is in the board since 2000 of Positive Nettworks und POOL <> , <>...

Heiner works on a list of "Affiliations" <> and "Milestones <>" see also Referencen <> in progress...

Central are his work in the field communication, deliberation, presentation and conceptualization, media and sign-theory, with a special focus on pragmatics, see HERBERT STACHOWIAK and Architecture and Antropology, exact and fine arts thanks to ALFRED SCHINZ, as well as science and governance: RALPH G.H. SIU and YEHEZKEL DROR. see: He is member of the Panetics Speakers Board <>, and the Board of the International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics and serves as Secretary of the CoUNCIL ON GLOBAL ISSUES [25] and TAGORE-EINSTEIN-COUNCIL [26]

==His areas of expertise or activities. He calles them Spielbeine: dance- or play-"legs": Sharing VOICES, SPACES, FUTURES ==

  • SHARING VOICESItalic text <> = : Dialog and Deliberation Culture in co-creative empowering "round-talks" or "Magic-Roundtables" see, GLOBAL AGORA, Community-Arts and Art of Governance, Open Forum, Re-inventing Democracy, ...
  • SHARING SPACESItalic text <> = Wissensräume, Ordnungsräume, und die Auswirkungen auf unsere Kognition, Verständnis von Positionen, Ebenen, Proportionen, Konsequenzen, ... unser "navigieren" in Kulturen und Orientierungs-, Veständnis- und Sinnfragen (auf der Grundlage der Allgemeinen Modelltheorie und einer Systematischen Neo-Pragmatik (Stachowiak), der Allgemeinen Systemtheorie (siehe Einträge in der Int. Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics (Charles Francois) <>, und notwendiger Erweiterungen der Allgemeinen Zeichentheorie (siehe Publikationonen von Benking zu Peirce und Cusanus) und wie dies in multi-modale Denkarchitekturen, Bildungsprojekte und neue "Such- und Findewege in Zeiten der Cyberculture" übersetzt werden kann.
  • SHARING FUTURESItalic text <> = wie Zukünfte als "Sterne" oder Zeile vestanden werden und somit Wege und Mittel, Functions, features & benefits ausgehandelt werden müssen. Siehe wieder Entscheidungs und Gemeinschaftskunst & Ethik (Bein 1 oben) oder Bildung.

"Futures" opened up for him after meeting with Robert Jungk initially in 1991. Bob opened doors and so presentations at the Church Day, Co-operations, birthdays for friends of him like HANS JONAS have been organised, as well Bobs 80th birthday celebrations in Munich and Graz: END and BEGINNING [more] The most rewarding and lasting contact was to (Anthony Judge <>), Union of Interantional Associations, UIA, Brussels (association with the UIA 1991-1999 - Judges retirement - last project "Dropping Knowledge" [more]. Presenting for Bob at the WFSF he was involved with Open Spaces, DaziBao, presented "Our VIEW OF LIFE IS TOO FLAT" in Turku 1993 [more] Heiner ist "Friend" and "Associate" of the Millennium Projekt "hosted by the American Council to the United Nations Universitys" <> DEAD LINK now: since 1993 and has in this framework early also trail-blazed for the Millennium Co-Laboratory He was concerned with establishing nodes, presenting the project nationally and internationally, and looked into some projects and studies.

Follow-up projects with the WFSF and WFS included Nairobi 1995 "Africa Beyond Poverty" [more] Central projects along the timeline included UNEP-HEM, Alfred-Wegener-Foundation/AGF, the "Internationale Friedensuniversität), the Club of Budapest, the Panetics Society, GIVE, inforterm .... [more and links below].

Good entries are to be found in the KnowMap "profil" from 1999: <> or my "BENKING IN BRIEF" (one page plus 12 graphs)


Private Jump-Page: <>

(since 1996) off-line since 2008 after my friend Jamie Rose is not with us any more. Many "genre" and other material is lost or only available by way-back archives. My page was ported to:

Profiles "elsewhere"[edit]


Milestones - Publications & Internet links from "episodes and "epoches" like pre or post 90ies: DRAFT[edit]

TO BE EXPANDED and POLISHED a.s.a.p.: the gravel-pit dump below is a mess, please excuse and come-back later... SORRY HEiner

Before 1980:

BAUEN - PLANUNG - INTERNATIONALE PROJEKTE - Mitwirkung bei Kultur- und Reiseführern. Globetrotter und Student, Aufenthalte USA, Berkley, Chicago, Banff, Philadelhia, New York, Meciko City, Montreal in den Nord-Mittelamerika aber auch anderswo, z.B: allein 5 Jahre im Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,.... sieehe OileWaterPeace ***** Koordination von einigen Metern Reports für Ministerien und andere Auftraggebern, Konzepte für Satellitenstädte, Regionen, Museen,...

1980-1990: have just created/updated this "1980 epoche": check visualization, computer graphics, infographics: Herausgeber der AEC und AM FM Newsletter (Europa) der Automation Group, San Diego

Lecturer zum Thema: Scientific Graphics am Arthur K. Watson International Education Center der IBM, La Hulpe, Brussels, Belgium

ExperConsult auch pdv und ProjectConsult Hamburg Bremen 1982-1993 (danach FAW) 1991-1999

COMPUTER GRAFIK, INFOGRAFIK, Computer Graphics World (Board Member, INFORMATIK im UMWELTSCHUTZ, SCIENTIFIC VISUALIZATION, Allgemein CAD CAM, CIM, GIS; AM-FM, wird derzeit erstellt (diese Publikationslisten mögen helfen so aktueller "Recherchebedarf" besteht: NEWCIV Milestones und Publications, ...sonst gerne beim Autor nachfragen.

1990 - 2004:

Wichtigste Stationen in dieser Zeit waren: FAW Ulm (1992-1999), Friedensuniversität 1995, Club of Budapest 1995-99, infoterm 1995-99, Global Village und GIVE 1995..., Global Learn Day und CultH, Millennium Projekt,.. .... 2000 World Exhibition EXPO 2000 in Hannover - Heiner as PNW and MP attended all year with a UNITED NATIONS PAVILLON and PRESS pass day & night [more]

Bitte besuchen Sie folgende "Kategorien" - wohlwissend das die Bereiche "zusammen-hängen - und - wirken (Benking`s Arbeitsschwerpunkt ist gerade das "in-between" "Zusammenhang und Zusammenhalt" zwischen den Fächern, Ordnungen, Schachteln, Modellen, Strukturen,...:


Not updated !! Maybe see this WHAT IS HOT from Jan 2010:

COPENHAGEN COP 15 see updates at and side-event at: walls - no walls !? Nobel Peace laureats meeting Berlin intervention/interview: Interview Aleco: BCD: NEW Renaissance: GOVERNMENT 2.0: Sustainabiltiy Week Berlin HUB: HUMANE & CULTURAL DIMENSIONS X.0 1001 Dialogues & 10 001 Seeds: ECO-THEE just hitting the streets !!: ECO-THEO-Ethical-pragmatic sharing & cooperation across....

and the signature listing from September 2011:

Heiner Benking Council on Global Issues - Open-Forum - Positive Nett-Works e.V. Anna-Lindh-Salon Berlin BLOG: Independent Journalist and Scholar, Facilitator, Futurist, and Consultant not only for NGOs FON/FAX: 030 793 2230 - MOBIL: 01577 8 222 825 - SKYPE: heiner.benking

Media/Personal Profile: not up-dated: !!

WHAT IS HOT: ? - latest activities: Anna-Lindh-Salon in Berlin

                Ecological Awareness / Ignorance or Compassion ?: Long version at PELICANweb: 40 years "PROBLEMATIQUE": Stammtisch 2.0/3.0 - Govenment 2.0 Cradle2Cradle: POINTERS TO POSSIBILITIES: COPENHAGEN COP 15 see side-events about lifestyles, dients, rights, basic sectors, ... NewRenaissance: - NewRenaissance (PDF) large: lowres 20 years GLOBAL CHANGE: Video TALK-COMMUNICATION formats:

my BLOG is "up-to-date" ....

PLEASE ONLY SKIM THE LINKS BELOW - DO NOT USE - needs to be structured and "time-lined" with Publications, Projects, Events, Subjectr areas in the Format of POINTERS TO POSSIBILITIES:

weitere groben Kategorien oder PORTALS/DOORS = "LABELS" in Vorbereitung, siehe die Seite zu Strukturen, Ordnungsmuster und Musterordnungen <> und die InterCult (für UNESCO in 1998) <>und eine besondere Empfehlung. <H>

Hier eine willkuerliche chronologische Auswahl: (wenn Links fehlen lassen sich die Eintraege HIER ("benking universum"oder HIER in GOOGLE SUCHFENSTER(n) oder mit anderen "Devices" leicht finden !) - enjoy...:

  • AUTOMATION GROUP SanDiego, AEC and FM Newsletters, Coop with Ed Forrest since 1981, Since the begining of the CeBIT accredited as AUTOAMTION GROUP - Docus and Newsletters and ABC Listing to follow
  • APOLLO DOMAIN 1981, Drupa 1981, IBM, CRAY,.... Autotrol, TELEMATIK und CIM VAI Vidio Aides Instructions with Advances Systems, AdL, ab 1985 auch UNIRAS
  • IBM International Executive Briefing Center, La Hulpe, Scientific Visualisation Lectures 1981-2, DRUPA 1981 world first TEXT & GRAPHICS MERGE
  • VOI Verband Optischer Inforamtionssysteme, mithilfe für Kollegen ULKA bei der Gründung und Konzeption - vorab Kongresse München und anderswo nicht nur zum Thema Doakumetation, Viren, Troyaner,... in 1989 !!

1995-2004+ auch Round Table Magic ...

  • TU WAS
  • Umweltanlaytik TELI Reisensburg 1986
  • Informatik im Umweltschutz . -siehe auch POTENTIAL vs. LEERE -

UN Jahr der Berge Synopsis <>

  • DOKU KAMPFMEYER - UNEP HEM - .. 1985-89 ******
  • CAMP - WCGA Infografik, Bild der Wissenschaften,.Computer Aided Management (CIM) 19 ***
  • Bridges & Masterplan BEIJING ICSU 1992 ********
  • Meta-self; San Francisco, 1994...
  • OPEN SOCIETY, Soros, CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVVERSITY, Lectures in Buda, Academy in Buda (Tibor Vamos)
  • Internationale Friendens Universität 1995 - Ergebnsisse

Sommeruniversität - auch

  • Ptolemy Paris auch MEDICI Madrid ****
  • GLOBAL VILLAG Wien & GLOBAL LEARN DAY, worldwide ****
  • Foucault in T‹TE und Zukünfte 1996 - 1998 ****
  • Aizu, JAPAN 1996 *****
  • Club of Budapest 1996, SciMedNetwork und UNESCO - Club of Budapest 1998 "me, we you they others models" (pending)
  • EXPO 2000 & Millennium Project (AC/UNU) & Global Dialogues/GLOBAL NETWORK s. a. Global House
  • INST Harmonization, Diversity und Ungleichzeitigkeit 2002
  • INST TUAC 2003-2004 ****
  • OilWaterPeace 1976-2004 ****
  • TU Berlin "Probleme der Philosophie" Ausdehnung und Anschauung *****
  • PEACE 2002 -2004 (Berlin Declaration) *****
  • NAS NRC, World Bank, ."SOURCES" -- late 1990 and "Re-inventing Governance" Times (1992) National Press Club and Cosmos Club, Tabbard Inn und "WorldWatch" Washington, World bank, NAS NRC, etc.
  • THE FUTURE OF HIGHER EDUCATION: For All Worldwide, A Holistic View. The trilogy is now available pls. see references all over the trilogy. Maybe start here: Volume III - Chapter Five, DEVELOPING THE WHOLE PERSON - Increasing Brain Power, Intelligence, Creativity, Imagination or see the distribution of citations across the Trilogy: < 1&cof=AH%3Acenter%3B&>
  • Gesprächs- und Entscheidungs- Kultur (WORLD FUTURES) IFSR (New Agora) 2004
  • "Gemeinschaftskunst" Leserbrief für FREITAG 8 ****

(Link to Benking <>)

Besondere (special) Recommendations (2004):[edit]

JUNGK auch GRAZ, Ende und Anfang, 1993 und Wasser Quellen der Schöpfung, Kirchentag 1992: ******

JONAS 90 Geburtstag "in memoriam", Hofgeismar, Prinzp Verantwortung, ****

DAVID BOHM DIALOGE <> `98 und ***** und IS '98 Ljubljana... <>

JUDGE <> "various": ****

NAHRADA: various, siehe auch Global Village, InterCult,Cybermonasteries, internet Fiesta, World of NGO`s <>,...

GLENN <>: various



ROSE GENRE <> aber auch META DATA <> various


GALINKSI <> Infoterm 60 Jahre Terminologieforschung, Budapest, TKE 96, 99 <>,..

LASZLO various

LENSER <> various

MATTERN various


STALINSKI <> various

ARLT <> various

BAHRO: Die Alternative: Open Forum Open Space und various

BURKHARD: various



MacBRYDE, VUN <> - Yale Club, etc.

MEDICI auf der Cebit 2002 <>

GIESEKE: Open Space und Mythen der buchkultur visionen der Informationsgesellschaft siehe I <> und II und III <>

ISKO Knowledge Organisation, ETHICS and Knowledge - The construction and ethics of shared frames of references 2002, Granada <>

FRANCOIS: Int. Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics <> und (Einträge (Benking <>")

IFSR and Fuschl Conversations <> - NEW AGORA

SIU: <> in ISSS Wholeness Seminar 1995 und Ma? des Leidens reduzieren 2003 und ISP Speakers Board 1998-2004+ Bernhard Lown IPPNW:


Dies war eine willkürliche chronologische Auswahl: (wenn Links fehlen lassen sich die Einträge HIER <> ("benking universum" oder HIER <> in GOOGLE SUCHFENSTER(n) oder mit anderen "Devices" leicht finden !) - enjoy...- BITTE einfach einen Begriff oder Titel ins erste GOOGLE Suchfenster eintragen.


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