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RuneScape Lords Conquest
RuneScape Lords Conquest logo
RuneScape Lords Conquest's Logo
Designer(s) Benjamin Grist
Release Runescape Lords Conquest Series 1 - "Runescape Lords Conquest Episode 1" - 16 January 2010 "Runescape Lords Conquest Episode 2" - 25 January 2010
Genre(s) Fantasy

Runescape Lords Conquest is a Fantasy\Comedy TV Series Where 3 Main Characters - Ratramp, Sencice and Demisothan. Who Fight Problems that they face throughout the show and were filmed using the Virtual Gaming Universe called - Runescape. It also explains the History and How Runescape was like it is.

Runescape Lords Conquest Episode 1[edit]

16 January 2010 Starts Off Giving a Brief Information about The History of Runescape and How These Characters and Who they are. Ratramp Decides that he is bored and decides to find a home, Demisothan and Sencice follow him to a place in -Rimmington- In Runescape. They walk inside a house and then it finishes. 4

Runescape Lords Conquest Episode 2[edit]

25 January 2010 Starts off With The 3 Main Characters standing inside their house, Demisothan then finds a Mysterious bottle and before anyone has a chance to stop him. He drinks the bottle, The film fades away in a white light and then back. Everything seems normal but then Demisothan starts repeating the same word. Everyone else is concerned, then he goes to bed and so does Sencice. Ratramp then laughs and then explains that he was waiting till everyone else had gone to sleep, and then he could read Demisothan's Diary. The Camera then turns and zooms in on him whilst fading to black. 5

Runescape Lords Conquest Episode 3[edit]

7 April 2010 Ratramp starts off saying that he has found out how to fix Demisothan so he reads out a special spell in which amongst curing Demisothan from his illness, also brings forth another character from The Real World. Ratramp then has a conversation with him and Ratramp then ends up helping him with a very hard equation. 6


The show premiered January 25, 2010, as and inspirational example on Do Something Different. It started on the Youtube network. Episodes were also broadcast on Google Videos, and other top priority video shareing sites. After the 1st episode during January 2010, news reported that a new 8 episodes were ordered for the 1st season. After that People started asking for more information about it and requesting a website. Therefore in Febuary 2010 they created a website[1]. 1 Month Later, certain press wanted to know more about the films and the comedy behind it. So on the 18th of Febuary 2010 they demanded that the Next episode (Episode 3) would have a specal Guest in it. Youtubers wanted to watch more and sent various comments and emails to help out.
They wanted to expand the Group and therefore made various groups on facebook[2] and [3] so fans and watchers could keep up to date. On the 20th February 2010 they set up an email account and within hours, Hundreds of people gave their views on the matter such as "Its Great to see a funny video clip!" and other humorous remarks that gave the developers new inspiration to go further into creating more episodes. Their new found fame was upon them. Within the next few days, they had various messages from the Video developers also asking them to do more and as "DNCDarkslayerRune" - A You tube User - contacted them to ask if they could have their character from Runescape in the next video and as they did need some new characters they introduced a new character. They succeed in doing this by then on the 7th of Aprill, they unrolled Episode 3 remarking that Episode 4 would come shortly. At this point, they revealed to everyone that they had made it into a free series and they uploaded their videos onto many sites including You tube, Their Site 1 and many other International Video broadcasting places such as Biglobe Which was a Japanese Video Website.


Ratramp - A Wizard Who doesn't know who any of his relatives are
Sencice - A Girl who has the power of water at her fingertips and is the daughter of a Runescape God called Saradormin
Demisothan\Demisolia - A Earth Lord who looses his mind when he drinks a potion and is the son of a Runescape God called Guthix who is the creator of Runescape and is also asosiated with being "Stupid"

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