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Hello! My name is Benjamin Fishman. I am from the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, and I am 17 years old. I'm a senior in high school, and I have always been set apart from others by my consistent will to learn as much as I possibly can. This will is what brought me to Wikipedia, where I like to occasionally edit or add pages that need to be edited or fixed (especially if they are tiny and insignificant, such as Bråkdalsbelgen or Karoo (crater).)

Please keep in mind that I am still rather new to the rules. I have read over them all many times but there are still parts in which I am unclear. I ask you to please be patient with me. As you can see from my lovely talk page, I have messed up various times regarding rules, especially copyright rules, a region in which I am the least fluent.

If you have any concerns or problems to throw at me, please post it on my talk page, and I will gladly answer it to the best of my abilities.