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I'm Bharata from Gubbi and live in Bengaluru on weekdays. An active contributor to OpenStreetMap and for Kannada translations. Academically, I am a graduate in Civil Engineering and hold Bachelor's Degree but never stopped exploring Science and learning about the latest technologies. Currently working as a Data Analyst at Mapbox.


My Work[edit]

Most of my work contributing to open data has been in OpenStreetMap but the recent motivations lead me to Wiki and its sister projects. Starting a few uploads to Commons, minor edits on Wikidata and an urged interest to create and edit articles in Wikipedia.

During my college, I worked on a project to delineate River Shimsha and estimate the discharge from the watershed (a rough estimate on the amount of water that is derived in Tumakuru district from the average annual rainfall) using GIS methods.

In Mapbox, have been involved in research, classification, analysis and visualization of geographical data. My recent work involves bringing together two amazing open data projects — Wikidata and OpenStreetMap. This integration can power interactive maps on Wikipedia and unlock a wide range of possibilities like translated world maps or thematic maps using information crowd sourced from Wikidata[1].

In dreams of building multilingual map and to enrich lingual support for Mapbox geocoding API, have been adding translations for place names across the world in various languages as part of World places translation project


A newbie contributor to Wikimedia Commons. Checkout few of my uploads.

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