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I love to learn and so I read a lot of different books on topics that interest me. My interest in art,history,architecture, mainly developed during my travels through Europe.It is interesting to see how Indian architecture has incorporated western architectural elements into their designs.The history behind all of it is very intriguing.I have very fond memories of my school with its amazing British architecture.The oldest building is the Chapel {1814} with its beautiful stained glass windows.I recently went to Ajanta-Ellora,and its ancient architecture is just amazing.Its a must visit for everyone.

Its always fascinating to do research from different perspectives. It makes me think about our human condition and how we have changed the world around us. I came across this amazing environment site on the web.There is a lot of fun stuff animation,jokes and information on environment from Indian point of view here.

‎environment education lab


Its going to be fun being associated with Wikipedia. I've been making notes and keeping them for myself for years ,finally,I will be able to share those gems of information with everybody and also learn things in the process. The most interesting pages that I have come across in wikipedia are:

Music & Dance[edit]

Beethovan Fur Elise
Vivaldi Spring
Kenny G forever love
Kenny G Romeo Juliet
  • The music of India Arie reflects her personality.Her lyrics are all about peace,joy, happiness.Its always good to hear her.Her song Video should be the mantra for all the teenage girls of today.
  • Kenny G is one of my favourite.