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Name BigDan
Born Feburary 1985
Scone, New South Wales, Australia
Name in real life You work it out
Nationality Australian
Country  Australia
Current location Sydney, New South Wales
Time zone UTC+11
Current time Current time for UTC+11 is 04:32
Ethnicity White
Race Dead last
Height Short
Weight Obese (but losing the fat)
Hair Usually brown, greying
Eyes Brown
Handedness Left for writing, right for other areas
Blood type O+
Sexuality Straight, otherwise none of your business
IQ Not dumb, but not smart.
Family and friends
Marital status Single
Spouse Non-existent
Girlfriend Imaginary
Children None, but I have a niece and a nephew
Siblings 1
Parents 2
Pets Not allowed
Education and employment
Occupation High school teacher
Employer NSW Department of Education
Education MTeach(Newcastle) BInfoTech(CSturt)
Primary school Scone Public School
High school Scone High School
College TAFE NSW (have done a few TAFE courses)
University University of Newcastle, Charles Sturt University
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies sports, movies, reading, the odd computer game
Religion agnostic
Movies The People vs Larry Flynt, The Matrix Trilogy, Ted, Ted 2
Shows Family Guy, The Simpsons, Archer, Mock The Week, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Orville
Books Nineteen Eighty Four
Teams I Support
NRL Newcastle Knights, NSW Blues
A-League Newcastle Jets
NBL Sydney Kings (although I do pine for a return of the Newcastle Falcons)
AFL Sydney Swans
Super Rugby NSW Waratahs
BBL Sydney Thunder
EPL Manchester United
North American Sport Green Bay Packers, Montreal Canadiens
Football Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Ajax Amsterdam, Porto, Anderlecht, Bayern Munich

I contribute occasionally. In fact, this user page was fixed up when I couldn't get to sleep!

CSU This user has studied at Charles Sturt University.
UoN This user is a student, or graduate, or staff of the University of Newcastle, Australia.
BIT This user has a Bachelor of Information Technology degree.
'00SYD This user attended the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
Harrows Bristle Board Bullseye.JPG This user enjoys playing darts.
Soccerball1.png This user is a fan of the football club (Newcastle United Jets).
Field hockey.jpg This user enjoys playing field hockey.
NEW This user supports the
Newcastle Knights
This user supports
Manchester United
NRL This user enjoys watching the
National Rugby League
Ru ball.svg This user supports the
New South Wales Blues
Flag of Australia.svg This user supports the
Australian Kangaroos
Flag of New South Wales.svg This user lives in the Australian state of New South Wales.
Own windows logo 7.svg This user contributes using Microsoft Windows 7.
TG This user is in Top Gear
FG This user thinks Family Guy is freakin' sweet.
FR for Futurama Userbox.svg Good news, everyone! This user is a fan of Futurama!
d'oh! This user thinks The Simpsons is simply...excellent.
South park sign.svg This user demands you
Respect my authoritah!
Matrix This user took the red pill, not the blue pill.
TA Bak user derka derka derka!
Newspaper This user reads The Scone Advocate.
NBN This user watches NBN Television
PRIME This user watches Prime Television.
B-B! B-B! This user Longs for the day when People realise the Truth behind the Big Brother TV series, and turn to Emmanuel Goldstein instead.
This user is a Bean Scout.
WikiProject SpongeBob logo - Logo.svg This user watches
SpongeBob SquarePants.
ABC This user supports Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio, television and online services.
MC This user is a fan of Michael Crichton.
1984.png Big Brother is watching this user.
P&T This user is a fan of Penn & Teller: Bullshit!. BS!
2GB This user listens to 873 2GB, The Power Station

2NM This user listens to the Heart of the Hunter, 981 2NM

PC This user listens to podcasts.
ABC 1233 This user listens to either 1233 ABC Newcastle or ABC Upper Hunter ABC 1044
FHM This user reads FHM Magazine
GMH This user is a Holden fan
Male.svg This user is male.
This user is a Rat. Rat.svg
Aquarius.svg This user is an Aquarius.
DT This user has a Digital television set, or tuner box, to receive Digital terrestrial television, such as DVB, ISDB, or ATSC.
This user watches and listens to SBS. Sbs thumb.jpg
SC10 This user watched Southern Cross Ten.
Looney Tunes Be vewy, vewy quiet - this user is hunting wabbits!
IT Hello, I.T. , have you tried turning it off and on again? Is it definitely plugged in?
LLS This user watches the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
WLIIA This user watches Whose Line Is It Anyway?
DT This user lives in a house that is Drawn Together with love.
W&G This user is wearing the wrong trousers.
Google Chrome icon (September 2014).svg
Google Calendar.png This user uses Google Calendar.
Paint.NET Logo.png This user prefers using Paint.NET.
Pidgin This user uses Pidgin to chat on multiple instant messaging networks.
Gnome-dev-cdrom-audio.svg This user contributes while using iTunes.
Office 2010 This user uses Microsoft Office 2010.
Heritage Routemaster.jpg The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg
Wordpress-logo-simple.png This user uses WordPress.
Guang Hua Digital Plaza Launch Acer Aspire One.jpg This user contributes with a little Acer Aspire One.
Android robot.svg This user owns an Android phone.
ALL This user is a fan of all kinds of comedy.
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