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Favorite cars (Top 15)[edit]

RUF CTR2 Sport
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Chrysler Phaeton

thumb|Ford GT90|right


RUF CTR2 Sport[edit]

Best car in the world!!!

RUF CTR Yellowbird[edit]

TVR Cabera Speed 12[edit]

Porsche 911[edit]

Chevrolet Montana[edit]

Chrysler Phaeton[edit]

Porsche Panamericana[edit]

Porsche Cayenne[edit]

TVR Chamera Speed 6[edit]

Ford Mustang SVT Cobra[edit]

Ford GT40[edit]

Ford GT90[edit]

Toyota GT-One[edit]

RUF BTR[edit]

RUF Turbo R[edit]

Car Movie[edit]

Big Red Cinnimon Gum team[edit]

Stewey Jones[edit]

Stewey's car

Stewey Jones, (voiced by Dan Jones) is the main character of the movie. He is a race car driver in the Canadian Cup racing series, and the Kitty Cup racing series. He is the #42 Havoline/ Big Red Dodge in Canadian Cup, and the #60 Peco Energy Bars Dodge in Kitty Cup. He owns a 2002 Ford GT Concept. He has 76 Canadian Cup wins and 1 Kitty Cup win. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his girlfreind Gina Chimera, who is an owner of a very rare TVR Chamera Speed 6. He is the 2nd oldest out of his 4 brothers, (Jimmy Jones, Mikey Jones, Joey Jones, and Johnny Jones) He is disrespectful at the beginning, but after he wins his 8th championship he breaks down near a small town called Welchville in Manitoba that has been abandoned for over 40 years. He than learnes the importance in life and moves there as he halps the people that live there, and the town gets back on the map. At the end of the story Stewey and Gina get married. One of his majior goals is going to Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, in Massachusetts, and also getting 100 Canadian Cup wins.

John "Mack" Driver[edit]

John "Mack" Driver, (voiced by Joe Moore) is Stewey's truck driver and crew chief. His job as a truck driver is why his nickname is Mack, and for the truck he drives, (1998 Mack F Series). He is the brother of Steve Driver, (the person who designed Stewey's house in Welchville), and Mike Driver, (the security guard at the Canadian Cup museum). He also owns a 2000 Isuzu VX-4 concept. He's married to Susie Driver, (Stewey's spotter).

Stewey's pit crew[edit]

Stewey's pit crew, (played by Joe Stevenson, Marcos Jenson, Humpy Wheeler, and John Ratzenberger), consists of only 4 people who quit after Stewey makes them mad for the last time. Their names are Tajee Carlo, Tim Colicanti, Greg Marks, and Jack Man. Their anitials are the anitials of their job.

Susie Driver[edit]

Susie Driver, (voiced by Jenifer Lewis) is John "Mack" Driver's wife, and Stewey's spotter. She has 2 lines in the story "there is a car high", and "I knew you could do it", both at the beginning. She is never seen, only heard.

Jay Cobra, Jr.[edit]

Jay Cobra, Jr., (voiced by Ray Dóla, Jr.), normally called JC, is Stewey's agent, only heared when Stewey's car is being loaded into his trailor saying, "how much longer is it going to take", and,"see ya in Vancouver". His car is shown in Stewey's new driveway, (a 1966 AC Cobra 427 S/C). His name in the movie refers to his real name.

Pennzoil team[edit]

Blackie Potoczak[edit]

Blackie Potoczak, (voiced by Douglas Potoczak), Stewey's worst enemy, brothers with, Smokey Potoczak III, Cootie Potoczak, Huskey Potoczak, Fluff Potoczak, Erie Potoczak, and Tiger Potoczak. Son of Smokey Potoczak, Jr., (50 wins, Kitty Cup; and 14 wins, Canadian Cup), and Dino Potoczak, (25 wins). He is also the grandson of Smokey Potoczak, Sr. who has the most Kitty Cup wins, (100), and he has 22 wins in Canadian Cup. He only races in Kitty Cup for he refuses to race with "Frenchies". He is the #1 Pennzoil Chevrolet. He has the most Kitty Cup wins out of his brothers. He is the owner of a Scion xB and a Tommykaira ZZ Coupe.

Blackie's pit crew[edit]

Blackie's pit crew, (played by Owen Wilson, Billy Crystal, Adam West, and Matzo Yi), consists of 4 people who all look similar to Blackie. Their names are unknown exept for the gas man, (Greg Stanley).

Budweiser team[edit]

Cootie Potoczak[edit]

Cootie Potoczak, (voiced by Dan Potoczak) is one of the Potoczak brothers and third oldest of them. He has the second most Kitty Cup wins out of them, (4). He races the #8 Budweiser Chevrolet. He owns a 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190e 2.5 16 Evolution II, only seen in Blackie's driveway.

Welchville Populace[edit]

Biff Fallot[edit]

Biff Fallot, (voiced by Paul Newman; simply known as Biff. He was once the Best Canadian Cup driver (#9), one of the most famous racers to have ever lived, he won five Canadian Cups, and still holds the record for most wins in a single season (5). All that changed for him when a terrible crash on Thunder Bay international Speedway in 1990 which put him out for the season, for he broke 23 bones in his body. When he returned, he was received with a complete absence of fanfare and told that he was a has-been who had been passed up for the next rookie in line. He kept a newspaper article on the career-ending crash as a reminder never to return to the life that nearly killed him.

Jaded by the racing scene, he left that world, apparently taking out time to study medicine. The famous #9 disappeared, leaving many wondering what had happened to him. He instead resumed his life as the physician in the tiny town of Welchville. He runs Doc Biff's as a "doctor of internal combustion". As times changed and the town got bypassed because of the majior cities popping up away from the town, Biff stayed on, even when the population had dwindled to a meager dozen or so residents. He is respected, well-loved, and serves not only as the town's physician, but as its judge as well. However, nobody in the town had any idea of his past as a racer; he was just an ordinary Person to them.

Upon meeting the young hotshot Stewey Jones, Biff saw far too much of his past in the veteran. After Jones finished fixing the road he damaged and decided to stay for a while, Biff was unable to bear having him around any longer and called the news and press to immediately take him away to the Canadian Cup, declaring that it is best for everyone. But seeing how disheartened everyone was by his unplanned departure, Biff realized that Jones had become more important to them than he thought. He took back his old #9 colors to become Jones's pit crew chief, bringing nearly the entire town to the Canadian Cup to support Stewey as his pit crew. By the end of the film, Biff opts to keep his racing colors, and becomes a trainer as well as crew chief to the young Jones. Just like Jones, Biff learned some lessons: friendship, promises, how greed affects others, and that secrets can't be kept forever. It is also revealed that he owns a 1984 Ford F-150, and secretly owns a Saleen S7.


Breakfast, (voiced by Paul "Bud" Moore) runs "Breakfast's Towing". He speaks with a thick Southern accent with a bit of hillbilly twang, and often misspells words or uses incorrect syntax. Breakfast, or called B, is also the (self-proclaimed) world champion eyes closed driver. In the movie, Breakfast befriends and supports Stewey throughout his adventure in Welchville. In the end, Jones gives Breakfast an opportunity to fly in an airplaine like he always wanted. He is the prowd owner of a 1987 Buick GNX

Mikey Van Pelt[edit]

Mikey Van Pelt, (also voiced by Douglas Potoczak, but in a deeper accent) owns Van Pelts Auto Parts with his wife Jessica Van Pelt. Mikey went to the 1981 Thunder Bay 500 with his dad, Jay Van Pelt, where Stewey's older brother Jimmy won. He was in an almost fatal car accident in Vancouver, British Colombia. Scence then he doesn't like to travel outside Welchville for the fact he has had nightmares every night scence he was 17 about it. The accident was in his fathers 1962 Rambler American convertible, a 1980 Ford Pinto slipped on a patch of black ice on a highway and smashed into the side of Mikey's car, knocking him unconsciense with his foot still on the gas peddle. He went off of the road and crashed into a large tree, causing his car to barrel-roll 3 times. He was then sent to the hospital with injuries to the head and neck. There was a flashback of this twards the end of the movie.