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I've been here just long enough to make almost every mistake possible. At least, I hope that's most of them.

I greatly appreciate the enormous community of devoted Wikipedia editors who make this site what is…the most valuable source of information on the internet. Thank you.

Possible conflicts of interest: I am the principal of Bill Evans Media. Although I understand and support the general reasons for Wikipedia's policy on such defined conflicts, I respectfully disagree that this applies in all cases; sometimes, a person who is directly involved in a topic is one of the most helpful contributors, as long as his/her goals are purely informative. Sometimes, this is also the only person who will write about a topic, though it's much more desirable, at least to me, for someone else to take up that torch. Occasionally, I find that other editors seem to focus only criticizing articles, and not contributing anything else. In such cases, the article ultimately becomes simply about them. Let's all work together? I'm always available to help anyone if somehow I can contribute. Bill G. Evans (talk) 19:05, 2 December 2012 (UTC)