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Greetings! This is the course page for the Wikipedia assignment by the XXXXX class at XXXXX, led by instructor/professor XXXXX and ambassador(s) XXXXX for the XXXXX semester in 201X. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your ambassadors on their talk page early in the semester. In the following format:

#{{User|Your user name}} — {{la|Existing article title or planned one}} — [[User:Your user name/sandbox|Sandbox]]

please type your user name, article title, and the location of your online draft/sandbox below[a] in the "User names and titles" section. Clicking the "[edit]" link that is horizontally to the right of "User names and titles" will open that specific section. Copy and paste the course assignment template into your article (see below). Next, be sure to have a user page that includes a link to this course page and your sandbox at the top. Finally, watchlist your article (if and when it exists) and use your watchlist.[b] Make your best effort to communicate in a timely manner with other editors and address the issues they raise.

If you've:

  1. listed your user name and title(s) below,
  2. added the {{course assignment}} template above to the talk page of the article you're planning on editing (if it already exists),
  3. made sure the top of your user page links to this course page and your sandbox, and
  4. watchlisted your article (if it exists),

then you're done here. You've helped introduce yourself and your class to those who will see your work. Thank you! See further advice on how to (and how not to edit) for this course at XXXXX.

User names and titles[edit]

Course assignment template[edit]

Copy and paste the following template into the top of the talk page of your article (if and when the article itself exists), below the other templates, if any are present there:

{{course assignment |term= |link= }}

That will result in the following banner (which lets other editors know that you're working on it):

Assignment requirements and grading rubric[edit]

See also[edit]


  1. ^ Please ensure that the text, capitalization, and punctuation of your article title on this page exactly matches the article you create or the link may not go to your article.
  2. ^ If your article already exists, you should see your edit to the talk page when you check your watchlist. Also, periodically check the article talk page because a comment might not automatically show on your watchlist if it has passed the defined time limit, which you can adjust.