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Neither blue, nor square.

You'll be likely to find me working on Suffolk and Norfolk articles associated with places and schools, as well as a few articles about Denmark and the odd random interesting thing. Or in some cases just the odd random thing that someone vandalised and I followed them to it.

I stick draft articles at User:Blue Square Thing/draft Lowestoft article and User:Blue Square Thing/draft cricket.


I might have annoyed you with the way I reference. My reasoning is:

  • I don't use cite-web templates as:
a) I find them difficult to use
b) I am convinced by arguments which claim that they are inefficient in terms of page-load times. This is a particular concern when users are using mobile networks.
  • I use UTC time codes consistently on poorly or unreferenced articles. MOS:DATEUNIFY and MOS:DATERET allows for this, even when an article is a predominantly UK article. I'd like other editors to respect this choice - either add references yourself or stop changing date formats for the sake of it.
In particular, MOS:NUM includes a specific section MOS:DATEVAR. This specifically says Special rules apply to citations; see Wikipedia:Citing sources § Citation style. Special rules - not what applies to the rest of the article. WP:CITESTYLE then makes it clear that you don't screw around with a style that's already in place. Read it, please.

Links I find useful[edit]

Breckland SSSI[edit]

Forest and Farmland Barnham Heath Berner's Heath Deadman's Grave Weather and Horn Heaths

Tools and so on[edit]

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