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I mostly write transport and mountain history articles and to a lesser extent, niche transport subjects like aerial ropeways and fast ferries. However I occasionally dip into other fields I have expertise in.

One of my less commercial pieces that I'm moderately proud of is a 30,000 word article Mt Donna Buang: the forgotten ski resort about an abandoned ski field near Melbourne that was hugely popular before the Second World War, but was abandoned by the early 1950's. It can be found at It won a commendation in the 2015 Victorian Community History Awards.

I add to existing articles on Wikipedia and occasionally correct errors of fact, but sometimes there are too many people with "agendas" on this site prone to gratuitously altering articles or deleting chunks of them. So I have put most of my original articles on other web sites. They have had over 400,000 hits, so I know someone is reading them. :) I am slowly updating them and moving them to

I also proof read, edit, fact check and index mountain history books and articles. Most have been Australian, but I've worked on a few European books including the English translation of Heinrich Harrer's autobiography Beyond seven years in Tibet: my life before during and after and so far unpublished English translations of a Sven Hedin biography and a book on 1930's attempts on the North Wall of The Eiger.

I'm happy to chat or answer any questions on Australian mountain and ski history, send messages to sisson dot dave at yahoo d0t com dot au