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This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia as of January 4, 2014.

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My name is AnneRose; my full name is Bonze Anne Rose Blayk

I founded databeast, Inc. in 1994.

I have been developing Internet software for the Macintosh since 1985, including COMET, the "Cornell Macintosh Terminal Emulator", and its successor, dataComet.

I co-founded the Angry Samoans in August 1978, and now serve as the Digital Executrix of Bad Trip Records, a division of databeast, Inc.; I have maintained the Official Angry Samoans web site since 1997.

What am I doing here? Evidently, indulging ... The Reflex .-)

sync, AnneRose

† In the past, I've been using the names "bonzie" or "bonzie anne," but I'm now strongly preferring "AnneRose" … a more poetic expression of my tag line "bonze anne blayk has returned from the land of the living dead" as "anne is risen" - poetic indulgences are ever-sweet under the heady influence of love. - <3

PS: Wikipedia:Medical disclaimer: "WIKIPEDIA DOES NOT GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE: Wikipedia contains articles on many medical topics; however, no warranty whatsoever is made that any of the articles are accurate."

— And that goes double for articles covering controversial topics.  For example, anything relating to gender issues?  … right.

NB: As of 4/16/13, following ArbComm's decision to empower any admin to impose Standard discretionary sanctions on any editor they deem "disruptive" in any article dealing in any way with "transgender issues" - see Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Sexology - Discretionary sanctions - I have formally recused myself from editing in trans* article space. (My "Evidence" submission in that case may be seen here.)

… my edit statistics are available here.