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My real-life name is Bill Whipple, and I live in the Philadelphia area. I was trained as an experimental psychologist, particularly in the areas of visual perception and behavioral analysis. I have also studied the history of science and the emerging field of behavioral economics. For much of my career I taught psychology and directed honors programs at several American colleges and universities. I was (and still am) an advocate of collaborative learning in higher education, and I was active in the National Collegiate Honors Council and the American Association for Higher Education. I also drifted into academic administration, a profession about which my point of view isn’t exactly neutral.

I’m now retired from university life, though still interested in the academic topics mentioned above. I currently have my own business as a graphic artist and sound designer for theatrical productions. Other interests are music, history of popular culture, and baseball.

For many years I’ve approached Wikipedia as a consumer rather than a contributor. But as of Spring 2013, I’m going to attempt to be less selfish. I probably won’t be prolific, but when I see a gap I can fill or a point I can clarify, I shall try to do so. I find the maze of WP rules and guidelines to be a bit daunting, so if my inexperience as an editor leads me astray, I’ll be grateful for corrections and suggestions on my Talk page.

Here’s a link to my biographical sketch.