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Name: Martin

Location: Oxford, England

Gender: Male

Born: Leicester, 1959

Family: Partner, 5 kids and 5 cats

Interests: Football (especially Oxford United), Political science, International development, collecting football programmes

Politics: Anarcho-Socialism

Religion: Atheist

Music: Eclectic tastes, but a special shout to Reggae, Van der Graaf Generator (and, of course, Peter Hammill), Ludwig van Beethoven, house music, and, when I'm feeling nostalgic, punk rock, especially The Clash.

Books: Too many to mention, but if forced to choose, then almost anything by the following:

and countless others

Skills: Web editing, copy editing, journalism

Web sites: Rage Online ¦ Oxford Editing

Wikipedia articles: Kassam Stadium

Brodders Talk 09:31, 13 September 2005 (UTC)