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Hello, my name is Adam Flores. I am currently working on designing a video game called Media Mogul, although I have made video, animation and installation art at different times. My education is primarily in Multimedia but I spent a lot of time in Art History and Theory. I would like to work on entries on all these subjects, and maybe some rap entries also. I have lived in the Bronx for the past couple of years, but I lived in New Orleans for 8 years before Hurricane Katrina. I am hoping to improve my writing and research skill by editing Wikipedia entries in fields I am interested in. As a long time Wikipedia user, cited research, neutrality, clarity and copyrights rules are of the utmost importance. Feel free to leave comments, questions, advice, criticism, and corrections. I am currently working on Lynda Benglis's page, to include more current work and criticism. I would like to expand the entries for Ian Bogost and Gonzalo Frasca, and overhaul the Serious Games entry, which has pretty serious needs. There are several artist articles that need cleanups that I would like to contribute, but the list I am working with seems like enough.