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{{Multiple issues|orphan = March 2012|notability = January 2011}} PhoneFactor is a two-factor authentication system which utilizes automated phone calls to verify identity.[1] With multiple out-of-band methods (phone call, text message, and push) and an OATH passcode option, PhoneFactor provides flexibility for users and a single multi-factor platform for IT to manage.[2]

PhoneFactor provides strong authentication for government, healthcare, enterprise, banking, and website applications. By leveraging a device every user already has – a phone – PhoneFactor enables rapid deployment of cost-effective two-factor authentication.

PhoneFactor's out-of-band authentication adds an additional layer of security by calling a user's phone to verify a login or transaction.[3]


Based in Overland Park, Kansas, PhoneFactor was founded in 2001 by CEO Tim Sutton and CIO Steve Dispensa. [4].


PhoneFactor was recognized in 2011, 2010, and 2008 as an SC Magazine Awards Finalist for Best Multi- and Second-Factor Solution and received a prestigious five star rating in the magazine’s 2011 Multi-Factor Group Test. In 2011, PhoneFactor was awarded the Golden Bridge Award for innovation in cloud authentication.[5] PhoneFactor was awarded the 2010 Product Innovation Award[6] and the 2009 Reader’s Trust Award for Best in Out-of-Band Authentication from Network Products Guide. The company was also recognized with two 2009 Gartner reports, Cool Vendors in Identity & Access Management and Cool Vendors in Healthcare Providers,[7] and was named to the Bank Technology News FutureNow list of the top 10 technology innovators securing the banking industry today.


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