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I've been making edits on Wikipedia for about two years now, I considered Wikipedia to be extremely helpful to people who wish to seek out information, which is why I try to update pages with useful and genuine info and not rumors or false info. I have added sections to pages before and have noticed others improving on them, which makes me happy of what I've started, and I hope to continue helping the world with more information. The first page I've ever created is for the 2013 film Identity Thief. I also created the Characters section on the Die Hard (franchise) page and the Premise section on the page for A Good Day to Die Hard. I've added information to other pages aswell such as Pirates of the Caribbean (film series), Indiana Jones (franchise) and Batman in film pages as well as adding some episode descriptions to the TV shows Man Up! and Father of the pride. I mainly want to add information and pages relating to films or film related things. I began creating an article for Captain America: The Winter Soldier but found out it has been incubated at Wikipedia:Article Incubator/Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and so I made a small edit on it. Most recently I have added small sections of information to the pages Shawn Levy, The Internship & Iron Man 3.

Pages I Have Created[edit]

  1. Identity Thief

I started the article (List of Guys with Kids episodes), but apparently it wasn't accepted.

Pages I Have Helped Improve Upon[edit]

  1. Die Hard (franchise)
  2. Batman in film
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean (film series)
  4. List of Man Up! episodes
  5. List of Father of the Pride episodes
  6. List of Marvel Cinematic Universe cast members
  7. A Good Day To Die Hard
  8. 2013 and beyond in film
  9. The Wolverine (film)
  10. Indiana Jones (franchise)
  11. Iron Man 3
  12. The Internship
  13. Shawn Levy
  14. List of Dragons: Riders of Berk episodes