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About Me[edit]

I live somewhere in the west coast area. What I do for a living depends on the day really, but I can tell you that I specialize in photography and still function as a boardmember for the SOSDG and AHBL.

I'm an experienced Linux systems administrator with a background in building and operating Internet Service Providers. I also have an extensive background in customer support positions.

Gender, Sexuality, And Lifestyle[edit]

As a transgendered woman, I am a great example of gender and sexuality being separate things entirely. I am a chapstick/soft butch lesbian.

Editing On Wikipedia[edit]

I mostly maintain the articles of the SOSDG and AHBL (yes, I am aware of the conflict/POV issues here, but there is not much known history of either group, and I'm trying to rectify that in order to give people a much more full view of who we are in a NPOV fashion). There are also times I've had to do reverts and updates on pages I've noticed that need them.

If you have problems with my editing of an article, please let me know and I'll see about handling your concerns.