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Bryant Foster Seals is an actor and TV chef who was born in 1983 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He has been a resident of the Miami area most of his life, after he and his parents moved into the city while he was still at a very young age. Bryant embraced his upbringing and the beautiful surroundings of south Florida. He became interested in sports, cooking, reading and boating at a very young age. Below is a breakdown of the essentials in Bryant Foster Seals’ life, from the things that inspire him to the catalysts for his success.


Bryant Foster Seals has always loved eating good food. His parents were both high-profile chefs who taught him at an early age to appreciate quality ingredients and the artistic talent that goes on behind the swinging doors of Miami’s most popular kitchens. By the time he was old enough to go to school, Bryant was already embracing his culinary talents and learning to do basic things to prepare his own breakfasts and school lunches. As he grew older, he started to get into baking, which is where the utmost of his cooking talents remain. His creations have, nonetheless, earned him a spot on television as a chef, where he gets to mix his cooking skills with his acting skills.


Besides cooking, acting has also played a huge role in all of Bryant Foster Seals’ endeavors. He loved watching movies growing up, and he became fascinated with the ways in which actors are able to portray other characters in front of a camera. With a sense of humor and a winning attitude, Bryant worked hard in his middle and high school drama courses, earning himself some early spotlight exposure through playing leading roles in school plays.


As someone who grew up surrounded by the warm, bath-like waters of Miami, Bryant Foster Seals developed a love for boating at an early age as well. It started first through deep sea fishing with his father, where the two would return home with the catch of the day and cook it together for dinner. Now in his thirties, Bryant has become one with the boating community in his area, where they enjoy each other’s company and spend most of their weekends on the water together.


Throughout all of this, Bryant Foster Seals has maintained a love for just relaxing with a book. He enjoys reading cook books, sci-fi and other such materials.