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  • Medal of Honor ribbon.svg  
  • Air Force Cross ribbon.svg   Air Force Cross
  • Silver Star Medal ribbon.svg   Silver Star
  • Purple Heart ribbon.svg   Purple Heart
  • Legion of Merit ribbon.svg   Legion of Merit
  • Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon.svg   Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Bronze Star Medal ribbon.svg   Bronze Star
  • Meritorious Service Medal ribbon.svg   Meritorius Service Medal
  • Air Medal ribbon.svg   Air Medal
  • Air Force Distinguished Service ribbon.svg   Air Force Distinguished Service Medal
  • Airman's Medal ribbon.svg   Airmen's Medal
  • Aerial Achievement Medal ribbon.svg   Aerial Achievement Medal
  • Air Force Commendation ribbon.svg   AF Commendation
  • Air Force Achievement ribbon.svg   Air Force Achievement


  • U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.svg  Presidential Unit Citation
  • Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg  Air Force Outstanding Unit

joint service[edit]


  • Distinguished Service Cross ribbon.svg   Distinguished Service Cross
  • U.S. Army Distinguished Service Medal ribbon.svg   Distinguished Service Medal
  • Soldier's Medal ribbon.svg   Soldiers Medal
  • Army Commendation Medal ribbon.svg   Army Commendation
  • Army Achievement Medal ribbon.svg   Army Achievement

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Commandpilotbadge.jpg  Command pilot


Air Force e-pubs[edit]


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