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Buffalo Bill is a contributor to Wikipedia. His 'real' name is Bill Chidley. Bill's areas of interest are: Bicycle messenger, cycle courier, alleycat, Hardcourt Bike Polo and other cycling topics.


Worked as bicycle messenger in London 1986 - 1999

Writer, Moving Target, courier fanzine (now webzine) 1988 - present

Publisher, Moving Target, 1992 - present

Organiser of 2nd Cycle Messenger World Championships 1994

Chair, International Federation of Cycle Messengers and Companies 1994

Founder member, International Federation of Bicycle Messenger Associations, 1996

Coordinator International Federation of Bicycle Messenger Associations 1996 - 2002

Chair, London Cycle Messenger Association, 1998 - 1999

Recipient, Special Award 'In Appreciation For All You Have Given To The Messenger Community', 2000

Chair, London Bicycle Messenger Association, 2002 - 2005

Recipient, Marcus Cook Award for Service to the International Messenger Community, 2004

Chair, London Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Association, 2009-2010