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Hello world! I've been editing Wikipedia for more than one year, and I currently have rollback rights. I focus on all sorts of things from refining references to just copy editing; really I do anything here on Wikipedia. I am a participant at the Motto of the Day project, having contributed seven mottos that were nominated as motto of the day. Feel free to slip me a message with any concerns.

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Today's motto...

Milking a dried udder gets you nothing but kicked off the milking stool!

Nominate one today!


  1. Avenged Seven-gnome
  2. In other news, "geffory the girraf" hospitalized...
  3. Seriously, serious face is serious
  4. Oh boy, do I love me some chocolate-chip cookings in my damn bed (Here's the video for reference)
  5. They say his time-traveling machine could only go back a day...
  6. Great scott!
  7. Didn't eat breakfast today? YOU DIE!!!
  8. If Lamborghini made food instead of cars, and the founder's father was a chicken
  9. Great balls of fire
  10. User:Thingg's Things that make me laugh
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