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I focus, for the most part, on English articles about Japanese things; usually ones that are either nonexistent or tear-inducingly sparse. Although I am a native English speaker with a degree for writing in English, I am not infallible, I will make mistakes, I have already made mistakes, and I am making mistakes right now.

If you see a mistake I've made, feel free to tell me about it or, better yet, fix it. Unless it's so obscure that you're not even sure it really was a mistake, then you should really talk to me about it.


My personal goal, for every article that I fix, create, or change in a dramatically inspiring way, is to have them at least 50%(ish) as complete as their Japanese counterparts, once I am done. That may not sound like very much, but it's more than a lot of pages have right now.

Build a Multimedia Empire, buy an island, then form a country (this has nothing to do with Wikipedia).


  • Anime/Manga related pages in general. Most of these are fine. Most. Some are crap. Others don't exist.
  • Episode/Chapter lists. Some of these are pretty well kept, others started out that way...
  • Spelling and Grammar in existing pages. Any existing pages. If I see it, it will perish.
  • Tense/Time Sensitive errors. Things that weren't an error when they were put in, but they are now.
  • Visual Novels. The number of visual novels there are in Japan is staggering. This is low on the list for a reason.