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The Amino Acids are an extraterrestrial surf punk band based out of Detroit, Michigan. They began playing music in 1998 at local Detroit bars. The first and most solid[clarification needed] band members being Reverend Angry Larry and Scott Boyink.

The Amino Acids
Scott Boyink


The band started performing in 1998 at local Detroit bars and clubs. They claim to be alien life forms that have taken the bodies of unsuspecting humans. Instead of doing the typical alien things they decided to play surf-rock instead. The Amino Acids have been known to regularly play at Old Miami, Magic Stick, The Lager House, and Small's. [1] They are a part of the parody religion The Church of the SubGenius. Their name is all important because “Without us you would die”. [2] They headlined many SubGenius Devivals until 2010, when they stated to retire. They still occasionally play at concerts and the religious holiday X-Day. They have been doing so for over a decade.

Musical Style[edit]

The band plays non vocal surf punk music. Their sound can be best described as mechanic, hyper aware, and instrumental. They are influenced by “DEVO, Dick Dale, The Mummies, The Dwarves, bands with no vocals...” [3] They take pride in being one of the only surf-core bands in Detroit, and claim to push the boundaries with their music. They are unique in the aspect that they never speak, to anyone. The only lyrics that can be heard during one of their concerts is an audio recording of an unknown voice.


The Amino Acids do not have a set group of members. They change performers quite often and have gone through over 14, which have all been male. The two who have been with the band the longest are Reverend Angry Larry on Guitar and Scott Boyink on Drums. Currently the other members are Duke Reginald Von Hasselhoff on Theremin, Scout Master Hank Bloodfist on Bass, and Senator Thompson Speck on Batterie.


The stage presence of The Amino Acids is incredibly important. They dress in all black clothing and wear white face masks covered by women's pantyhose. Depending on the venue of the concert, they will destroy a various amount of things. Their favorite thing to destroy at the end of a concert tv sets. Yet they will smash their instruments, amps, and anything else they can get their hands on. Quite often the drummers seat is destroyed in the process and he has to finish the gig half standing. They feature the theremin in many of their songs and the playing of that instrument becomes a performance of it's own. There is generally one Amino jumping around the stage and diving onto the crowd who does not play anything. He just adds to the excitement and rallies the crowds attention. Occasionally they will bring audience members up on stage and have them play the theremin or ask for smashing assistance.


The audience at performances can vary depending on the location. Every concert is sure to have at least a few SubGeni, be packed from wall to wall with people dressed in strange attire and have many punk rockers. The audience is usually involved in the performance as well as the musicians. They have the important role of moshing and creating as much chaos as being played on the stage.

Contribution to Society[edit]

The Amino Acids perform most often for independent purposes. Being from an alien planet their motives are unknown to humans. A human writing a bio on them is rather counterproductive because only they know the truth. The media has portrayed them as just another weird underground band, but they are more. They unite the members of the SubGenius religion with a shared experience of music, and they just like to smash things.


The Amino Acids have also been filmed in a movie titled The Amino Acids Movie. It was never completed, and only circulated through a closed group of SubGeni. In the beginning, it was required to watch the movie before an Amino concert during X-Day. It is really quite compelling, sharing the true nature and intensity of an Amino Acid.


The Amino Acids, being a live preforming band, focus more on gigs than recording many albums. Their music is meant to be watched live with the stage performance.

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