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I don’t know what to say. Suddenly, a number of “experts” descended on the PC-552 page and wiped about a month of painstaking work. As far as I know, that work is lost forever. There was no discussion; it was just done. These people do not identify themselves in any meaningful way and don’t seem to understand the purpose of the page. I can tell they don’t understand the time and place of this ship. I could understand this so much better if there had been some dialogue but there wasn’t. Here is what someone who wiped out the crewmembers at D-Day said:

“ History of the crew members[edit source | edit] The following was removed from the main article. I would not oppose a list of notable crew members, if there were any. Notable meaning notable enough for their own Wikipedia page, but listing every person attached to the ship on a certain day is not needed. Sorry. --Dual Freq (talk) 15:15, 22 May 2015 (UTC)” There you have it. That schedule took me a week to painstakingly create from source documents. I spent a couple of thousands of dollars of my own money to get some of those documents and interviewed people all over the country such as yourself. Obviously, that person never experienced combat in the service of our country as your father and I have. The HEART of that ship is the officers and men at D-Day. I agree with you, it is very clear that officers are important, crewmembers aren’t. The person who did this vandalism lists himself as Dual Freq (talk) on Wikipedia. I am washing my hands of Wikipedia. I am embarrassed to be associated with this. Sorry. .

From: dora david [1] Sent: Friday, May 22, 2015 18:11 To: Dave Cary Subject:

Dear Dave,I have been looking at your wikipedia page and the names of the crew members is gone ? It comes across that unless you were an office that they were not instrumental or just insignificant . I was proud to see my fathers name there but, now it's gone only officers. I can't tell anyone about it because I can't prove that my father was there.So sad. I am sorry but at this time I can not send what I have, to only give credit to officers. Dora David