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I'm an engineer and technical writer, a contributor to Wikipedia for over a year now. In addition to my experience in electronics, I have interest in and knowledge of history and general science. More specifically, my science interests include anthropology, archaeology, cognition, evolution, and physics.

Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

As of this date (May 25, 2007), I've created 9 totally new articles and edited 104 others (20 major edits and 84 minor edits, per my classification scheme — which doesn't match what Wikipedia will say.) This excludes talk pages and experimentation on my own pages. Although the entry for "Wikipedia Tutorial" actually subsumes 9 separate pages, I did the same thing to each: unifying the formatting of the navigation features at the bottoms of the pages, so I'm counting this as one page.

For those interested, here is a detailed account.

References Cheat Sheet[edit]

Citing a newspaper: <ref>"Article Title". Newspaper Name. 1985-08-27.  </ref> .