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This bot is designed to send messages to people who either have a request for speedy deletion denied, or who tag a page for speedy deletion and the page is deleted for criteria differing from the criteria for which they tagged it. It presently has approval for a one week trial, this trial has not yet begun. Full implementation notes can be found at the approval request Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/CSDCheckBot; I will duplicate them here once the request is approved and they are finalized. Currently the bot is slated to engage in a 24 test run starting at about 16:00 UTC May 26, during which it will only edit a log in its userspace. The log will be maintained here. Assuming there are no major problems, it will begin a 7-day trial run starting 24 hours after the completion of the log-only run, during which it will send messages to users as it will do once fully approved assuming approval is granted as requested. Currently it is intended to be an opt-out based bot and will be so for the duration of the trial. Whether or not that will continue to be the case upon final approval is yet to be determined. The opt-out pages and whatever pages I deem are necessary for the full operation of the bot will be created shortly prior to the beginning of the full trial.