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After trying to figure out how to continue my research from years of college and graduate school in my own time, the logical conclusion I reached was that I should contribute to Wikipedia. It is in my own time, with no deadlines, no grades on the line, and the audience is potentially the world. So why not?

My interests run the gamut from the arts to sports to academia, and so much else in-between. I hope to contribute to Wikipedia by expanding upon what is already here, but also to fix any errors that are out there.

My belief is that Wikipedia should include all the information that is readily available, while not denying anything due to individual biases.

Wikipedia is infamous for being full of inaccuracies, so much so that many academic institutions have banned their students from using it as a resource. Let's try to clean up Wikipedia's image and start fixing all the wrong information with factual accuracy!

So let's get started, people!