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A Warm Welcome from Candle of Hope

Hello, Candle of Hope/Welcome, I am glad to have you here! Join me and several others on a path to liberation. The community are helping each other build a free encyclopædia. Yes, that's right, you can write this thing! Want to know how to do this? Well, you can start by going here, and here to learn how to edit. Then, you can see our policies and guidelines, and a summary. After that, you can learn

Hard to get used to? Well, it took me two years to find out all the rules, policies, markup, jargon, and purpose of this site before I felt comfortable creating an account, and I'm still learning. Hopefully, you can learn along with me!

What is a wiki? If you're new to wiki, you are probably asking yourself this question. A wiki is simply any page that people can freely edit. It can be for personal use, family use, business/corporate usage, an encyclopedia like Wikipedia, and basically whatever you want! Wikipedia is unique in that it puts the very versatile format of a wiki into an encyclopædia.

Newbies to Wikipedia often ask, "How can it be reliable when people can mess up the pages or change information?" Well, when vandalism occurs (which is regular around here), editors are there to remove the vandalism. It is sometimes pitiful how long it takes for Wikipedia to remove vandalism, but usually does good.

See more on the encyclopædic article about wikis.

Feel free to ask me or our trusted editors here for help if you need it. ~~~~