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I'm Scott, better known around various net communities as "Capitalist" or some derivative thereof.

I have a Batchelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and was an engineer until a layoff in 1990. I was also a Registered Representative with Fidelity Investments and was a trading instructor there until yet another layoff in 2003. As you may imagine, I got a bit tired of the lack of security in today's corporate world, so instead of going to work for another brokerage firm I decided to take a life-changing plunge into the abyss.

I spent the next year trying my hand at being a professional full-time trader, learned a lot (like never try to be a full time trader when you're very undercapitalized), did some "urban camping" in my car for a few months, then took several odd jobs while I recovered financially.

I'm the Owner/Director of Research/Chief Bottlewasher of the FOREX Statistical Research Center where I use the principles of mathematics and the scientific method to study the behavior of price movements in the FOREX market. I'm also working toward the goal of becoming a full-time FOREX trader.

For those of you who are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Personality Types, I'm an extreme INTJ, which goes hand in hand with my Objectivist outlook on the world.