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Hi, and welcome to my page.... I just want to let viewers know that sometimes my edits are lame and stupid and please ignore that fact.... :) I try to only put true information but sometimes my brain types for my hands.... If you notice anything or have questions??? Send a post or Wikilove1


I honestly try to put the facts and only the facts but sometimes my brain thinks somethign that is made up and I accidentaly end up posting it and submitting it. Though I am not that bad. One time my friend decided to put that a chicken's appatite included ice cream and birthday cake. :) lol So... If i do a bad eror of type bad info, let me know.. :) ;)

Wikipedia editing[edit]

On Wikipedia (Wiki), I used to think that everything that was put down and written was true. Sadly, I realized that people can make things up or post information that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. So that is why I am editing Wiki as I want other people to have correct and real information