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File:Snowfix banner2.jpg
Logo for Snowfix video podcast.
Genre Video podcast
Updates Weekly in winter, monthly in summer.
Original release December, 2005 – present

Snowfix is a skiing and snowboarding video podcast hosted by Charles Davison, Tim Ackroyd and Julie Rotniemer-Benker, who are referred to throughout the podcast as Charlie, Tim and Jools.


After the title sequence, the show begins with an introduction to the hosts and what is coming up on the episode, sometimes including an update on what the snow conditions have been like where the hosts are based. The rest of the show usually consists of a variety of segments such as a review of the news, related film clips, gear reviews, skiing and snowboarding tips and viewer feedback.


Snowfix episodes are usually released on weekly on Wednesdays during the Northern hemisphere's winter. During the summer season, the podcast is released less regularly roughly monthly or bi-monthly. The podcast can be obtained at the iTunes music store, or the Snowfix Homepage.


Snowfix sent out their first podcast on December 10th 2005 and have been sending them out until April of 2010 when the Snowfix team announced that the April 30th Podcast episode #95 will be the last new episode. However a series of "best of's" have been scheduled to be released.


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