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I do not know whether writing this is of any use. I was prompted to do this because I understand that I am accused of "sock puppetry" and although I think that my command of English is rather good, my mother tongue is French, and I do not pretend to understand all the nuance of the jargon and acronyms used in the backstage of Wikipedia. I made virtually no contributions in the Wikipedia in English except trying to give some arguments to prove the point that Soap Kills is a notable Lebanese band. I read at the AfD discussion page that it was not a majority vote, that what imported was the validity of the arguments, I tried to give such verifiable arguments, which is not that easy, and I understand that you might consider that linking to recordings of radio broadcast in French is difficult to assess. But disregarding my arguments on the ground that I did not much on the Wikipedia in English and hinting that I might be a "puppet" doesn't seem fair to me. Please have a look at what I did in the French Wikipedia : not much, but humble correction of misspellings, enrichment of disambiguation pages and the like. If one wants to discourage people like me, one might. I've already been bullied in the French Wikipedia about the "Le nom des gens" page. Its a bit disheartening.--Cgavilan (talk) 01:32, 29 May 2011 (UTC)