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Me in the Det 1 4000AAG (FAIR) Ops room ca. 1977


Brief Professional Biography[edit]

Hi! As my user name suggests, I work at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Computer Operations and Support. I have been in the computer industry for 45 years, as of this September, working in such positions as operations, administration, programming, and maintenance. I began my career in the US Air Force as a maintenance technician for the second-generation AN/FSQ-31V mainframe that functioned as the Data Processing Central for the SAC Automated Command and Control System (SACCS DPC). I also worked in DMSP weather satellite operations assigned to Detachment 1, 4000 Aerospace Applications Group (SAC) located near Fairchild AFB, Washington (near Spokane, Washington)(see picture above, right). I later was reassigned to the headquarters of the 4000AAG at Offutt AFB, Nebraska (near Omaha, Nebraska and did Telemetry Analysis, Technical Training Instruction, and finally writing custom telemetry analysis software in Fortran 5 on Data General S-230 systems running the Advanced Operating System (AOS/VS). After 9 years total service I decided to separate from the Air Force and started working strictly as a computer programmer for several different aerospace companies in Southern California. Did that for 10 years, then when the Southern California defence industry slowed down, I packed up the family and moved back to my home town of Livermore, California and worked for different companies again as a computer programmer. I was able to get hired at LLNL in 2002 and have worked here since.

Hobbies and Interests[edit]

I am a licensed Amateur radio operator with Amateur Extra Class License K6CKT. My involvement in amateur radio includes emergency communications and have recently become a member of the Amateur Radio Emergancy Service (ARES), the Emergancy Communications arm of the ARRL, and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)

I am also a member of the Knights of Columbus and serve as the Director of Technology and newsletter editor for the council Fr. Patrick Power Council #4588

I am also a musician, singing and playing guitar since I taught myself how to play at age 12. I currently have 5 guitars:

  1. Black Dean Boca 12 String
  2. Black Dean Performer E
  3. Red Ibanez (IBZ branded) 2370 work in progress
  4. Natural Ash Ibanez Artist model 2617, another work in progress
  5. Purple Ibanez Roadstar II RS440RV
  6. Black and Gold Epiphone Sheraton II Pro

And I sometimes play my wife's Martin Jumbo Dreadnaught acoustic 12 string when she isn't looking :)

wikipedia involvement[edit]

I normally spend a fair amount of time clicking on the random article link on wikipedia for both entertainment and enlightenment. I've also gone looking for specific information about places I've lived, and worked, and noticed that there was either some outdated information, or incomplete information, and decided to help the wikipedia community by becoming an occasional editor. I have also joined the Wikipedia Amateur Radio Project and have started working on expanding some stubs, doing some cleanup, and creating some articles.

wikipedia contributions[edit]

and the list just keeps on growing!

Plots and Plans[edit]

  • I want to take part in more of the community - perhaps in some project or other - I see looking at the list of current projects that there is none specific to hobbies - perhaps I could start one?

If you want to get in touch with me try my talk page - I do check it every once in a while.