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Course Description[edit]

The chemistry and biochemistry principles that govern the action of enzymes will be explored in this course, exposing students to the rich chemistry that characterizes the action of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. This course will explore the catalytic mechanisms of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, including the roles of organic and organometallic cofactors in biology. Topics covered will be steady-state kinetics and the mechanisms of group transfer reactions, redox reactions, rearrangements, decarboxylations, carboxylations, and methylation. The lectures will be complemented by assigned reading material from both textbooks and the primary literature and will assume a basic knowledge of organic chemistry and biochemistry.

Assignment Time Line[edit]

January 16, 2013 Group assignments are given. Discussion of “good articles”.

January 18, 2013 Ye Li will present information on how to edit Wikipedia

January 23, 2013 Each group will turn in a 1-page (total) description of their top two topic choices and their reasoning.

January 25, 2013 Topics assigned to each group

February 1, 2013 Each group will turn in a list of what they propose to edit in their site (see attached information). Reviewed by Fierke.

February 8, 2013 Provide the peer reviewers with a copy of your proposed changes and prepare a pdf version of your site highlighting the changes that the group has made to date. Give this pdf to the peer reviewers of your site with a copy to Fierke.

February 16, 2011Peer reviews of the edited (pdf) versions of the sites are due (see attached information). Each person should give a document with the review of the site to the site editors and to Fierke.

February 23, 2013 Last day for edits. Make a pdf of the edited site (with edits highlighted) to give to Fierke on Feb. 25.

February 25, 2013 In-class presentations describing the sites and the edits.


The Wiki site will be graded on five aspects:

(a) Content: A minimum of 3 sections must be added to the site, including an introductory paragraph aimed at the general public. The quantity and quality of the added content will be evaluated. (20 pts)

(b) Figures: A minimum of 3 figures or schemes must be added to the site. Again, both quantity and quality will be evaluated. (15 pts)

(c) References: A minimum of 8 references must be added to the site. The quality and appropriateness of these references will be evaluated. Note that references should come from all sources, including textbooks, primary literature, review articles, etc. (10 pts)

(d) Presentation: Each group member must participate in the presentation and present their individual contribution to the site. You will be graded individually on the clarity and content of your presentation. (10 pts)

(e) Attendance: You must attend the presentations on the last day of class to receive full credit. (5 pts)


This table will list the articles which the students will be working on. Please input the topic you selected to edit and sign your username (3~) next to your topic. And create a link to the Sandbox where you draft your article. If a page already exist in Wikipedia on the topic you are working on, please post a link in the Current page column. Otherwise, write N/A there.

Topic Starting page (Before editing) Sandbox Students Current page
Example: Enzyme Enzyme (Before editing) Sandbox for example ChemLibrarian (talk) Enzyme (Current)

Useful Resources[edit]