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Chempithanam Family Thottakad Kottayam Kerala Chothirakunnel Chembithanam

Chempithanam is a very ancient family with its origins at Thottakad, Kottayam district of Central Kerala,Chempithanam is a very ancient family with its origins at Thottakad, Kottayam district of Central Kerala, South India. It is a Syro Malabar Christian family whose lineage can be traced to the old and famous Chothirakunnel big family (Chothirakunnel Mahakudumbam). The family name “Chempithanam” was found after Kurian started living on the Chempithanam land. Kurian, the eldest among the four of Kurian Anattil’s sons lived on this land in the years 1800-1825.

Fourteen kilometres away from Kottayam, on the Kottayam - Kozhenchery route is Thottakad junction. A long away from the Thottakad junction towards the west, the Chempithanam bridge can be seen. Below the bridge, a river flows in the north-south direction. The Chempithanam land is situated west of the bridge and the river.

It is believed that, their forefathers were from Kodungalloor, Kerala. They migrated to Chowara, near Irinjalakkuda and then to Thottakkad near Kottayam. There is a story behind Mr.Kora Tharakan, the first known authority of the Chothirakunnel family which is on the south side of the thottakkattu govt. primary school, just few meters away from the thottakad junction,as follows.

"Kora, a syrian chritian with brahmin backgrounds was a merchant, was attacked by dacoits in the vembanattu lake on the way to sell commodities in southern areas. He escaped from them but could not continue his profession. So he requested the help of Kallarackal Tharakan who was very close to the king. As Mr. Kallarackal suggested kora started living in Thottakad with his family. The place where he lived was known as chothirakunnel, he happened to have the family name of Chothirakkunnel. He had come to live there in the year of 1650 -1700.

Koratharakan had four sons.The four had seperated and The eldest, kurian tharakan started living in Vadayil near Chothirakunnel family, the younger brother of Kurian Tharakan, Mr. Ittykkuruvila in Chothirakkunnel family and third one, Kora in Punnakkunnath polayil and the youngest Kunchacko Tharakan in Maliampurackal in Pulinkunnu. Kora Kunchacko Tharakan was the main authoritative person behind making the Thottakad St. George's Catholic Church.

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