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Bob Paisley is the most successful British manager of all time (also the tactical brains behind Shankly's team), and in my view the only British manager that comes close is Clough. He took a second division team and won two European Cups in five years (that Ferguson with huge financial resources took 27 years to do) there is no comparison. Just a pity the alcoholism took over. Recentism comes into effect (people usually just remember success few years) but in years to come Clough will rightly be regarded second to Paisley. Ferguson is indeed a great manager, but longevity doesn't make you any better (similar to Keanes comment on Giggs). Of recent managers, Guardiola who outschooled him is #1, with Mourinho #2. After six league titles and three Europeans Cups in 9 years, In 1983, Bob Paisley left the English champions with World class players that he had signed; Rush, Dalglish, Souness, Hansen etc. who won the treble of European Cup, League and League Cup in '84 and the Double in '86.