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Beat the Clock
Years active 1988 – 1995
Associated acts Greazy Meal
Past members Jim Anton
Chris Beaty
Ken Chastain
Tom Scott

Beat the Clock (BTC) is an American rock and roll band, best known for their versatility and funky groove while playing live.

The name[edit]

The name is said to come from a live gig played at a private party in Minneapolis where the band put up a large piece of paper on the wall, had the audience write down songs they wanted to hear, and then the band would play all of the songs before a certain time.


Early years[edit]



  • "Beat the Clock" (1989, Booty Rock Records CD1101)
  • "Break the Silence" (1989, contributed track for AIDS awareness fundraiser)
  • "The Funk Bus" (1992, Gark/Booty Rock CD 29217)
  • "Beat the Clock – Live on the Psych Bike" (1991, Booty Rock CS1102)

Awards and recognition[edit]

Beat the Clock won the 1988 Minnesota Music Award for "Best New Band".


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