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Chris Picone (pick-own), otherwise known as Chris is me, is a non-notable teenager who avidly edits Wikipedia. He was born in Long Beach, California and spent the vast majority of his life in Clinton, Wisconsin.

History on Wikipedia[edit]

tldr. Basically, I was a dumbass and I hope I'm less of one every day.

Essays I wrote over a year ago[edit]


Things Wikipedians say that couldn't be more true, or funny.

  • "The main problem is that the article sucks."—Jimbo Wales, explaining why his article shouldn't be FA-class.
  • "ZOMG I have a better idea, how about we make all text <blink>, that would look so kewl. I mean... sophisticated!...I'm serious! We could put animated rainbow rules between sections too! And an Under Construction sign every two paragraphs or so (because this is a wiki, and hence permanently under construction!) That would be like, totally awesome. Oh, and the logo needs colorized. We shouldn't even talk about animating it unless it also flashes and sparkles in all the colors of the rainbow and then some."-User:I do not exist, explaining on Image talk:Wiki.png why the Wikipedia globe shouldn't spin.

More coming!


I have an Editor's Barnstar and a Minor Barnstar, but they were so long ago I'm not going to keep them showing.

Random subpages[edit]

User:Chris is me/Notability hurts my userbox. User:Chris is me/Fake User Pages