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Hi, I'm Chris Lewis. I'm a systems analyst with over 20 years of experience with Windows network administration and various programming languages, with very high levels of skill with Windows Active Directory , IIS , SQL Server, ASP.NET, ADO.Net, Office Automation using VB.NET, C#, Visual Basic and C++.

I'm skilled in Microsoft Windows administration and deployment, including system administration via Microsoft scripting technologies, including ADSI, and WMI.

I have experienced in various markets including Internet Infrastructure, E-Commerce, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance, Utilities, Insurance, Legal Consulting and Real Estate.


As of August of 2002, I've taken a full time job. I'm working on System Administration programming, primarily with Windows 2003 Active Directory scripting, system auditing and maintenance, and automated upgrade and migration programming.


I'm mainly interested in computer science articles and application programming with the .NET Framework. I'm also an SME for IIS within Bank of America.


I mainly work on ASP.NET applications, although I do some Windows Forms development.


Primarily working on IIS 6 installation, configuration and customization. I will be working with IIS 7 over the next year as we prepare our Windows Server 2008 release.