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Finnish student, currently in University of Jyväskylä, no extraordinary powers on me. My username is Ciantic, but my realname is Jari Pennanen.

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Main interests are:

Contributions to wikipedia[edit]

Last additions:

  • 4. June 2004, Badminton 3D court picture. Created to replace the 2D version which wasn't fully detailed.

Upcoming additions:

  • Detailed view of Snooker table. Not sure when. (Needs some final touches; confusing information about lengths of table elements in World Snooker Rules) (Actually some lengths are proprietary (the pocket templates) so this project went a bit hibernation because of it)[1]
  • Recreate Badminton court, and include vector image this time too!
    • ^ I can't freaking believe someone is trying to cash in with the measurements of table! (Some muttering about copyrights and patents here too... mrr.)