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Initiation Dancing Goddess by Clinton Callahan

I am learning to use Wikipedia, and Wikis in general, as a global information trading resource. My purpose is to upload as much useful information as possible into the global Wikipool for enhancing the evolution of human consciousness. My theory is that humanity is making an evolutionary culture shift, transcending the immaturities of matriarchy and patriarchy by stepping into archearchy. The term archearchy is a made-up term. There wasn't another term to use for the name of the cultures that come after matriarchy and patriarchy, the cultures emerging from a context of respect and creative collaboration between initiated archetypal adult women and initiated archetypal adult men. Through developing Possibility Management since 1974 we have seemingly jacked into an endless resource of clarity and possibility. Part of the agreement is that we make the distinctions, thoughtmaps, tools and processes that we "discover" available to as wide an audience as possible. Through books, articles, animated videos, a video documentary project, talks, workshops, trainings and trainer trainings, this is exactly what we are trying to do - at the same time ongoingly seeking more effective ways to do this. More effective ways include the: 1. Producing a picture language for use in One Laptop Per Child 2. Producing a new mode of computer video game: Massively Multiplayer On and Offline Personal Development Gameworld, with associated apps for hand-helds 3. Producing a novel and then a full length adventure-comedy-romance film about next culture. In my opinion Wikipedia's commitment to no original research and verifiability are a laudable example of integrity. At the same time I struggle with unmet needs. I seek original researchers and their discoveries in certain domains to further my work. I also seek places to make our original research available to others. I love wikipedia, but I am forced to go to other Wikis to tap into original research. Yes, it would be possible for me to create an original research wiki. Yes, I could try to convince Wikipedia to establish Wikiresearch. Right now I am busy with other projects on my bench, but if any of these ideas stimulate you, please have at it! Clinton Update: Ah! I just found Wikiversity...