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About me[edit]

I work in the arts, cultural and community sector on the Gold Coast, Queensland. With the exception of pages relating to late nineteenth and early twentieth century regional newspapers from South East Queensland, all edits and page creations reflect my own personal interests and curiosities.

I started dabbling very slightly with Wikipedia in 2012 but have little recollection of my first username, almost no memory of my one or two edits and absolutely no idea of the password. In 2013 I returned, created a new username (this one) and started editing with greater frequency.

I'm interested in many things about Queensland but, am specifically interested in the people, history, development and buildings of the Gold Coast with occasional forays into Brisbane, Logan, Scenic Rim and northern New South Wales. I enjoy research and, on occasion, will share the results of personal projects through page edits or the creation of new pages.

My interests include trawling through the digitised newspapers on the National Library of Australia's Trove and rifling through paper based heritage collections to find tidbits of Australian history that shed light on topics that may be considered globally insignificant but are regionally interesting. I also enjoy dabbling in the #QWiki Club.

Occasionally I'll become curious about a specific person or place and will create a page with an excessive amount of references. This is more likely to occur if the subject is connected to a noteable woman who is underrepresented online or a building that was constructed during the Art Deco period.

I consider myself one of the many people who contribute to Wikipedia in good faith who, despite the best of efforts, cannot fathom the intricacies of the style guide, figure out what a barnstar is or understand why any one would want a virtual kitten when a real one is much nicer.

Random Recent Contributions[edit]

Wiki Workshops[edit]

Numerous people have been generous with their time and kind enough to share their skills in a valiant effort to support me in trying to edit Wikipedia without me running away to the hills or quiting in seething fury and frustration. I have attended sessions at the State Library of Queensland and have participated in a number of training opportunities on the Gold Coast including the *Wiki Training Day