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I worked wide band radio communications for 8 years with the US Air Force starting at the age of 17. During this time I earned a First Class Radio Telephone Liscence with a radar endorsement.

On leaving the Air Force I worked with a small computer company in Austin Texas. Our primary business, when I arrived, was designing installing and maintaining accounting systems running on TI 990 systems. My initial title there was R&D Manager. Latter I worked on Honeywell 700 series RJE systems in Southern Europe in support of a contract with the US Military.

From there I hired on with Burroughs and worked primarily with B3500 and B4700 systems as a Field Engineer in the Mediteranian until Burroughs and Sperry merged forming Unisys. At that point I taransfered to Heidelberg Germany where I worked as Technical Support Europe for the Federal Systems Group of Unisys.

I burned out in in the latter '80's and moved back to Dallas, Texas. I worked for several several small companies as a Sysop until '92 when I went to work as a Systems Engineer for Kodak Health Imaging Systems.

I am currently working for a small computer company as their primary Network Engineer.

I dabble in CFD as a hobby and I have a 16 node MPI cluster in the back room that I am gradually upgrading from a mix of 450Mhz Cellerons and 100 Mhz Pentiums to 16 to 24 1.8 Ghz PIII systems.

I have one software patent to my name, which was issued to Kodak for routing ACR/NEMA medical images. I am working on a second one, a utility patent this time. It is still in the early stages or I would put in more details.