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Constructed Development Theory[edit]

Constructed Development TheoryTM was developed by Dr Darren Stevens in 2020 after working on Levels of Adult Development (Robert Kegan) and cognitive complexity (Otto Laske).

Stevens was working on heuristics in the form of Cognitive Intentions and following on the work of Piaget, Vygotsky, Bruner, Wadsworth, Ashforth and more, when he noticed that the combination of fifty Cognitive Intentions would combine to form unique Thinking Styles for post-graduate students at a London-based university. These Thinking Styles were directly mapped to Kegan's Levels of Adult Development, and Stevens realised he had created a new way of determining an adult's level of cognitive complexity that did not require stage development nor stage transition as its main theory.

Thus began a 6 year study on the deconstruction of thinking via Cognitive Intentions through a PhD in psychology.

The research is explained in full on the web site linked to the superscript 1 [1]


Stevens, D. (2020) Does Constructed Development Exist as a Conceptual Measure of Self-Awareness in the Moment? -

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